Adopting A Kitten


All of our ragdoll kittens go home with age appropriate kitten vaccines, a five year genetic/health guarantee, a Florida State Health Certificate, registration papers, and a microchip registration. 

We prefer to let the mother and kitten bond until we feel each kitten establishes it's  own independence, therefore, kittens generally leave the cattery between 14-16 weeks of age, no exceptions.


  • We require a $500 non-refundable deposit. 
  • The deposit may be transferred to a different ragdoll kitten/cat depending on the situation. 
  • We will accept deposits after our ragdoll kittens are born in order to place a hold on a kitten.
  • Deposits are accepted in the form of cash, money order, personal check, or PayPal (please add a 4% processing fee to use PayPal).
  • Final payments are due the day your ragdoll kitten goes home.

Pet Quality Ragdoll Kittens

Pet Quality Ragdoll Kittens - $1800- $2300 (please contact us for exact pricing as it varies depending on color/pattern).

All pet quality kittens are spayed or neutered and microchipped before leaving our cattery (all included in our pricing

Show Quality

Show Quality Ragdoll Kittens - $2400-$2800 

A show quality kitten is a family pet first and foremost. The difference between a pet and a show quality kitten are the  markings. A show quality kitten is beautiful and perfectly marked. You can take your show quality kitten and have fun in the show halls.

Show quality kittens are spayed or neutered and microchipped before leaving our cattery.

Breeding Quality

Breeding Quality Ragdoll Kittens- Price varies, based on markings, type, and pedigree of each individual cat. We offer breeding quality cats occasionally to small registered Ragdoll Catteries that only practice in early spay/neuter. Contact us for more details. Anyone we sell a breeding cat to must share our ideals and goals for the Ragdoll breed.

Triniti Dollz Ragdoll Cattery Contract

Agreement for the Sale and Health of a Ragdoll Kitten or Cat

                                                            April Tyner - Owner/Breeder

                                                                        449 Chinahill Ct.

                                                                       Apopka, FL 32712








                                                                      Description of Kitten or Cat


Sex:______________________  Color_______________________Pattern______________________



  1. The breeder guarantees that the above cat/kitten is free of FELV(feline leukemia), and FIV (feline AIDS). The breeder will have the cat/kitten examined by a veterinarian and have all age appropriate vaccines completed at time of pick up. The breeder will provide purchaser with a Florida State Health Certificate.
  2. Ragdolls can be very sensitive to vaccines; therefore, certain vaccines should NOT be given including:     *Any adjuvanted vaccine                                                                                                Triniti Dollz kittens should only be vaccinated with a NON ADJUVANTED vaccine including but not limited to the Merial Purevax and Merial Nobivac line. Failure to adhere to all of these vaccine guidelines will void contract and any replacement guarantee. In addition, the breeder will not warranty the cat/kitten against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations.
  3. If your cat/kitten dies within five years of delivery date due to hereditary or congenital defect, the breeder will replace the cat when proof of the defect in the form of a complete necropsy report from a licensed pathologist is received by the breeder. Necropsy documentation and pathology reports should be sent to the breeder with 30 days of necropsy being performed. The breeder is not obligated to replace the exact color/pattern/sex of cat/kitten, although all attempts will be made to do so. There will be no cash refunds.
  4. The breeder testifies that the cat/kitten has been produced from bloodlines negative for the known DNA HCM mutation found in the Ragdoll breed. Proof of such negative results are available by request.
  5. The purchaser agrees to have cat/kitten examined by a veterinarian within 14 days of purchase; sooner if cat/kitten health is in question. Triniti Dollz must be notified within 24 hours of veterinarian visit of any problems. A written statement by the veterinarian identifying the problem must be given to the breeder. Any problems are subject to be confirmed by our veterinarian. The breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses.
  6. Failure to have the cat/kitten examined by a veterinarian within the stated amount of time, or and evidence of abuse, neglect, or mishandling releases the breeder from any responsibility regarding the cat/kitten.
  7. Ragdoll cats are too trusting by nature therefore they should never be allowed to roam free outdoors. If you want your cat to experience nature they can be easily trained to a harness or lease.
  8. Removing a cat's rear nails can cause permanent damage to joints, ligaments, and tendons. Purchaser agrees never to have cat/kitten rear nails removed. Declawing of the rear nails will void contract.
  9. The breeder with provide the purchaser with one of the following registration papers, TICA/CFA/ACFA. The seller reserves the right to withhold registration papers for any reason.
  10. Breeder makes no representations or guarantees whatsoever as to the physical features (specifically including coat and eye color, as these my change as the cat ages), personality or temperament.
  11. Purchaser agrees to keep cat/kitten in a sanitary/protected environment.
  12. In as much as the below signed Purchaser has read and understood the binding agreement/legal document/enforceable within the confines of the United States of America, and that the costs incurred in interstate litigation by the breeder are within the accepted responsibilities of the purchaser, this contract boundaries of the United States and Canada.
  13. This agreement is the complete agreement between two parties and we have each signed this agreement below.










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